Virtual Running in 2020

As with most years, we gathered together at the start line after dropping our cold weather gear at the sweat drop area in the festival area, it has always been a little frigid in the morning, but we were used to it. We loved the large crowds, and always anticipated the start gun. We would listen and participate in the singing the national anthem and then receive a few words from the race director and a local city official, welcoming us in and wishing us good luck. Then bang, and we were off…running any one of the courses we had signed up for. The finish was always spectacular and the sponsors and vendors that lined the infield were always the best. We receive empty bags each year and as we came through the finish line, it was like trick or treating, or like a giveaway. Loads of free goodies. We enjoyed some great memories. We witnessed marriage proposals at the finish line, races to the finish, families crossing together, plenty of records being set that are still some of the fastest in the Bay Area. And the list goes on.

This year, we were celebrating our 10th year and it was to be celebrated in incredible fashion, but just when we thought we had everything planned, a twist came and said otherwise. We halted registration and simply sat back. But after months of not doing much, we realized that we needed to offer something, where our loyal followers could remain attached to a great event. So we will run, perhaps not as described above, but you’ll see us if you come to pick up your gear at our pick up location. And you can enjoy Walnut Creek because we are working with some cool partners to help make your visit here a memorable one. if you need your items mailed, no worries, just let us know during registration and we will get those to you.

“10 years and running” is our theme for 2020. We will celebrate this in 2021 in a more formal fashion, but this year, we want to share with you how proud we are of where we have come from. So we hope you will join us virtually. Register and receive the bib as your ticket to pick up your goodies and local items after the event. Learn more at the resources tab.

To our dedicated runners who have joined us from all over since 2011. We have immensely enjoyed serving all of you, however we have made the decision to retire the Walnut Creek Running Festival. We have absolutely enjoyed hosting this event, and the City of Walnut Creek has been so awesome to work with. Talk about championing an event. They have been behind us 100% since the beginning.

Half Marathon Road running events are a feat in and of themselves. To host this type of event where you get to use the city surface streets bringing a large gathering of runners together all on one day is a task and takes months of planning every year. We were fortunate enough to have been given this level of trust by the City. But with each year of planning this event, also comes the consideration and cost of other things that need tending to as well.

That being said, we are shutting down this event, but we will still be around. To learn more about our other events, please visit

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