Course Winners & Record Holders

Half Marathon

2011-1:09:01 Brandon Hebbert, Pleasant Grove Utah
2012-1:14:38 Ryan Hodgens, Rocklin CA.
2013-1:18:10 Ian Sharman, Walnut Creek CA.
2014-54.23 Christopher Wehan, Bayside CA. (altered 9.6 mile course)
2015-1:11:00 Collin Jarvis, San Gregario CA.
2016-1:19:35 Dante De Los Santos, Fairfield CA.
2016-1:19:35 Michael Wheeler, Walnut Creek CA.
*2017-1:08:08 Andrew Bauer, Martinez CA.
2018-1:15:26 Daniel Walton, Stanford CA.
2019-1:11:06 Andrew Bauer, Martinez, CA.
2022-1:21:29 Nicholas Knisley, Walnut Creek CA.

2011-1:23:30 Caitlin Smith, Oakland CA.
2012-1:25:15 Caroline Gregory, Walnut Creek CA.
2013-1:24;20 Valerie Vradenberg, Vacaville CA.
2014-1:06:16 Caroline Kreuz, Walnut Creek CA. (altered 9.6 mile course)
2015-1:27:13 Julia Vasquez, Walnut Creek CA.
2016-1:34:38 Jennifer Bayliss, Danville CA.
2017-1:25:50 Kristen Schafer, Bellingham CA.
*2018-1:20:37 Julia Vasquez, Walnut Creek CA.
2019-1:24:01 Caitlin Robinson, Oakland CA.
2022-1:25:35 Katie Hawn, Richmond CA.

13.1 Relay (2 person)

2014-1:16:24 Dalsin-Marinier Moraga CA. Walnut Creek CA. (altered 9.6 mile course)
2015-1:32:19 Team Burr, Danville CA. (Mixed Division)
2016-1:40:53 Cirque De Sore Legs, Walnut Creek CA. (Mixed Division)
2017-1:30:49 Snow Limits, Martinez CA. (Mixed Division)
*2018-1:27:02 Snow Limits, Martinez CA. (Mixed Division)


*2011-33:06 Mark Pilja, San Francisco, CA.
2017-37:03 Jeremy Lee, San Ramon CA.
2018-42:13 Marcus Barton, Walnut Creek CA.
2019-36:06 Amjed Aboukhadijeh, Palo Alto CA.
2021-34:16 Sam Roth Lafayette CA.
2022-33:47 Anthony Cortes, Half Moon Bay CA.

2011-46:15 Angie McMurtry, Massillon Ohio
2017-49:10 Janet Kramschuster, Pleasant Hill CA.
2018-38:43 Amy Crain, Lafayette CA.
2019-39:21 Katie Karst, Martinez CA.
*2021-36:01 Julia Vasquez, Walnut Creek CA
2022-46:17 Julieta Alfonso, Walnut Creek CA


2011-17:09 Andrew Harris, Berkeley CA.
2012-16:44 Ben Chebot, Oakland CA.
2013-16:33 Tom Robey, Walnut Creek CA.
2014-16:41 Tom Robey, Walnut Creek CA.
2015-16:44 Zach Holtz, San Ramon CA.
2016-17:12 Zach Holtz, San Ramon CA.
2017-16:48 Zach Holtz, San Ramon CA.
2018-17:43 Sam Roth, Lafayette CA.
2019-16:36 Anthony Cortes, Half Moon Bay CA.
2021-16:04 Anthony Cortes, Half Moon Bay CA.
*2022-15:21 Charbel Imad, Berkeley CA.

2011-20:00 Shala Simms, Concord CA.
2012-19:53 Jennifer Doyle, Oakland CA.
2013-19:27 Jennifer Doyle, Oakland CA.
2014-18:48 Jennifer Doyle, Oakland CA.
2015-19:29 Jennifer Doyle, Oakland CA.
2016-19:11 Jennifer Doyle, Oakland CA.
2017-19:47 Laura Sandman, Oakland CA.
2018-18:15 Mary Kriege, San Jose CA.
2019-19:35 Kelly Osborne, Pleasant Hill CA.
*2021-18:01 Rayna Stanziano, Concord CA.
2022-19:57 Erin McCloskey, Curtia Bay MD.

* Course Record

To our dedicated runners who have joined us from all over since 2011. We have immensely enjoyed serving all of you, however we have made the decision to retire the Walnut Creek Running Festival. We have absolutely enjoyed hosting this event, and the City of Walnut Creek has been so awesome to work with. Talk about championing an event. They have been behind us 100% since the beginning.

Half Marathon Road running events are a feat in and of themselves. To host this type of event where you get to use the city surface streets bringing a large gathering of runners together all on one day is a task and takes months of planning every year. We were fortunate enough to have been given this level of trust by the City. But with each year of planning this event, also comes the consideration and cost of other things that need tending to as well.

That being said, we are shutting down this event, but we will still be around. To learn more about our other events, please visit

To learn more, visit our Frequently Asked Questions page  FAQ