Event Beneficiaries

These local high schools benefit directly from  our event, receiving money at the booster level that goes directly to sports programs.

(Berean, NorthGate, Concord, Ygnacio Valley, Mt. Diablo, Los Lomas, College Park, Clayton)


What our beneficiaries are saying about the event:


Berean Christian High School:

As the Diablo Valley Athletic League commissioner I was thrilled to see somany student athletes out on Ygnacio Valley Road at 6 AM on Saturday morning. Their service at the water stations was not only invaluable to the runners but they were doing their part to help the athletic programs at their schools. These are tough times for high school athletic programs but with partnerships like this the future looks much brighter. I also enjoyed congratulating the runners as they crossed the finish line. They not only reached personal goals, but each one helped the schools by running.
Craig Lee, DVAL Commissioner

College Park High School

We really appreciate the opportunity to help with the race and look forward to working with WCHM in the future. Our students who volunteered enjoyed th experience. College Park receives generous donations each year from the race which we in turn put towards our fundraising efforts to keep sports alive throughout the MDUSD. With this generous donation, student athletes who could not afford to make contribution could volunteer their time to help with this great event.
Jim Keck, Athletic Director

Concord High School

The Concord High School Athletic Boosters club is absolutely planning on participating in the half marathon event each year. We feel that the event is really well organized. All of our CHS student and parent volunteers knew exactly where to go and how to set up their water tables. Clean up also went very smoothly.
Megan Coddington, Athletic Director

Los Lomas High School

This year we were asked to volunteer to help out at the Walnut Creek half marathon. It was an amazing experience for my athletes and myself, and we enjoyed giving back to the community in a positive way. Each year, we received a generous donation from WCHM, and use this money to help upgrade equipment and help pay for our track meet fees.
Dax Harris, Track and Field Coach

Northgate High School

Northgate High School’s athletic program is fortunate to participate in and benefit from Walnut Creek’s Half Marathon each December.  The event itself is extremely well organized and is a great opportunity for the student athletes to support the community. During these difficult financial times, it is great to see schools and communities work together for the benefit of all – we’ll definitely participate again next year!
Mary Wardle, Boosters President

Clayton Valley High School

Each year, Clayton athletes arrive in the dark hours of the early morning trying to keep warm while setting up for the race.  You could see it on everyone’s face – “what are we doing here hopping up and down on this dark and  freezing morning?!”   But then breakfast arrived and shortly after that the anticipation of the runners arrival turned the mood more festive. Everyone got into the spirit of cheering on the runners, the comradery spread to every person there.  We were doing a good thing!  No one had to be asked to cheer the runners on or to help clean up – it was a spontaneous reaction to the goodwill generated by the whole group and the event we were helping.  As everyone was leaving after the race the talk turned to next year and every person there said they would be back.  It was fun and it was for a great cause. We used the generous donation we received to help the athletes at Clayton Valley who could not afford to pay the fees to play high school sports.
Pat Mittendorf, Athletic Director

Ygnacio Valley High School

The WC Half Marathon was a tremendous opportunity for our student athletes to raise money to support their sports. The money donated by the organizers of the WC Half Marathon will go towards athletic uniforms, equipment and supplies.  The WC Half Marathon offered a great opportunity for the members of our cross-country team to bond. Before the WC Half Marathon, many of our athletes have never been a part of or witness a high level competitive event. Our coaches and student athletes are looking forward to being a part of next year’s event.
Mark Tran, Athletic Director

To our dedicated runners who have joined us from all over since 2011. We have immensely enjoyed serving all of you, however we have made the decision to retire the Walnut Creek Running Festival. We have absolutely enjoyed hosting this event, and the City of Walnut Creek has been so awesome to work with. Talk about championing an event. They have been behind us 100% since the beginning.

Half Marathon Road running events are a feat in and of themselves. To host this type of event where you get to use the city surface streets bringing a large gathering of runners together all on one day is a task and takes months of planning every year. We were fortunate enough to have been given this level of trust by the City. But with each year of planning this event, also comes the consideration and cost of other things that need tending to as well.

That being said, we are shutting down this event, but we will still be around. To learn more about our other events, please visit teamblueskyevents.com.

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