Post Virtual Run Goodie Pick up location

Unlike any other year in our event history, we will be dong things just a little different, mostly for efficiency, and because we believe that if and when you do come to pick up all of the great things we have for you, you will leave feeling accomplished, will be able to see our staff and get cheered, even if from a safe distance, and the places you’ll have the opportunity to visit in Walnut Creek will leave you feeling inspired.

In the next few weeks, at this page, we will be giving you instructions on where to drive after you have completed your virtual event if you are in the area, to pick up your shirt, medal, race goodies, and some local partner coupons for discounts and free items the week following your run. So, when you register, we will send the bib within 2 weeks. This will be your hall pass to come retrieve your goodies after you have completed your virtual run.

It is okay if you are not in the local area to run virtually, however you will need to check the mailing option to have your items mailed to you after proof of your run is sent to us. If you are local, you save the $20 on mailing and perhaps use it on fuel to drive to pick up your goodies. It is a win win whether you are with us or away. We welcome you to take part in a great tradition that has spanned 10 years.

And yes we will celebrate our 10 year anniversary live and in person in 2021 when we unveil our new flat and fast half marathon run completely in Walnut Creek.

More to follow soon.

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