Parking & Shuttle



Several parking garages throughout Walnut Creek can accommodate you as you come to Walnut Creek for the weekend.  Several are free and many others charge minimily for hourly parking. Please check Google Maps in Walnut Creek for parking Garages.  Most are within walking distance to the Civic Park Start/Festival area.

You can also use this link to find parking.





Shuttles will begin at 5am from the Marriott hotel and end at 6:15am. There will be 3-4 busses running together.  There are no busses running after 7:00am. There should be no half marathon runners on a bus at 7am.


At the conclusion of the event, there will be a bus that will shuttle folks back to the participating hotels.  This bus will be located at the Burger King just a tenth of a mile west of Civic Park in downtown Walnut Creek.  This free shuttle is a curtesy of the Walnut Creek Half Marathon.

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