Help us have a fun event!

We are expecting 2,000 runners through the streets of Walnut Creek to raise support for local schools.

If you are staying home on this morning, please come out and cheer.

Also, for those of you traveling, please see our map for expected traffic delays within the orange circles.


Course with traffic areas


If you are leaving on this morning, we ask that you allow us to help you by leaving before 7am.  The orange circles represent areas where small traffic delays could take place between the hours of 7-10am.

Drivers wanting to cross Ygnacio into Shadelands and the Orchards shopping center should head west on Ygnacio and make a u-turn at Wimbledon and head back east to Via Monte. At Via Monte drivers should enter the turn lane and await instructions from police and traffic management to access this area. When leaving Shadelands and the Orchards, drivers will also exit this way as well, however drivers will be directed to turn west only and if needing to go east can make the same turn at Wimbledon.

We hope that armed with all of this information, you will be able to make a wise and practical decision about your travel plans on December 8th 2018.


 Thanks, The Walnut Creek Half Marathon Staff.

To learn more, visit our Frequently Asked Questions page  FAQ