Half Marathon Relay


The Half Marathon Relay is a 2-person team-timed event giving those who either enjoy running shorter distances or running for fun with others on the half marathon course.  The hand-off point for the relay is located in Cowell Road at the 10K (6.1) mile mark.  This is about 30 yards you reach before Ygnacio Valley Rd.  As a visual, it is right next to the large grass area portion of the course before turning on Ygnacio.  The second half of the relay is a 7 mile run. (Course Map To Follow). Finishers will receive a special half marathon relay medal for their efforts.  Awards will go to the top 3 finishing teams in the male and female open categories.

Start Time & Staging:

The start of the half marathon relay will start simultaneously with the half marathon be at 7:00am Runners are encouraged to start making their way to the start line no later than 6:20am.

Bus Transportation to Relay Checkpoint:

The Busses for the half marathon relay checkpoint will leave at 6:40am sharp. These busses will be located 50 yards in front of the start line of the half marathon.  This is on Civic Drive. There will be a sign for this. These busses will take the second half relay team member only, to the handoff point.  Runners must show the appropriate bib number to the race director at the door of the bus to enter. Drop bags cannot be left on these busses and anything left on the bus is not the responsibility of the bus driver or the race organization.

Bus Transportation from checkpoint back to the Festival Area:

Runners who have completed the first leg of the half marathon relay and need a ride back to the festival area will have access to one of our busses at the relay checkpoint area.  These busses will be parked on the opposite side of the street on an adjoining street. These busses leave for the festival area once the bus is at a certain capacity and have been given instructions by the race director to leave. Runners getting on these busses must have the appropriate bib number on in order to get on the bus.  No one else is permitted to ride on the bus other than relay runners.

Relay Start Location:

The start line is located at the Civic Park entrance on the road in front of the driveway facing North.

Course Type:

This course is a loop with the transition to runner 2 happening at Cowell Road.


Relay teams are welcome to also look for pacers as they stage for the Half Marathon.  They will be standing in their respective corals with their signs held high.  Find your pace buddy and get to know your group.  Pace times are as follows: 1:30 • 1:40 • 1:50 • 2:00 • 2:10 • 2:20


The Walnut Creek Half Marathon, Relay, & 5K Race will be using the “B-Tag” timing device that is embedded in the bib number. For more information and a tutorial video on how to use this, please see below. On the morning of the event, make sure that you have your bib number on and you are set to run!  Athletes will run over timing mats located at throughout the race, recording their time as they pass several check points. Runners will be given  a time of 3 1/2 hours to complete the course.  At the 3 1/2 hour mark, those still on the course will be moved to the shoulder/sidewalk and will be subject to the normal traffic laws.

Course Map:


Transition Area





Hydration stations will be located as follows:

Mile 2: Water & Gatorade Endurance Formula. Mile 5: Water & Gatorade Endurance Formula. Mile 6: Water & Gatorade Endurance Formula. Mile 8: Water, Gatorade Endurance Formula, Oranges. Mile 10: Water, Gatorade Endurance Formula, Oranges. Mile 12: Water, Gatorade Endurance Formula, Oranges.



Elevation Charts:



The start of the half marathon relay is located in front of Civic Park and will take runners from Civic Park on the road North across Ygnacio onto Civic Rd. North which becomes Oak Rd.  Runners will turn and run behind Club Sport at Jones road, which will come out onto Treat Blvd.  Runners will then make their way up Treat Blvd. heading East on Treat Blvd. in the outer lane.  At Cowell Road in Concord, before transitioning on to Ygnacio Blvd., relay teams will switch runners and begin their second leg at the top of Cowell Road.  It is just 30 yards ahead where runners will turn right and return into Walnut Creek in the outer lane.  At Heather Farms Park (San Miguel Road), runners will turn right and head through the park and do a loop around the large duck pond before heading out to the Canal Trail where they will turn left. At the Canal Trail/Oak Rd. Intersection runners will make their way through Walden Park where they will run through the park on the trail provided.  Runners will proceed out of the park onto the dirt trail opposite the Iron Horse Trail.  At Walden Road, runners will join back onto the Iron Horse Trail.  Runners will pass over the Pedestrian Bridge at Ygnacio and enter Civic Park for the finish of the Half Marathon Relay.

Half Marathon Relay Awards:

Awards to the top three in the male, female, and co-ed divisions. Each half marathon relay team finisher will receive a very cool custom die cast finishers medal for their achievement. (2nd leg runner will receive 2 at the finish and will give the medal to team member).

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